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Ongoing studies have linked exposures to certain chemicals commonly found in thousands of consumer products o both male and female fertility problems.

Here are 12 simple ways to avoid those exposures - and boost your fertility and your good health at the same time!

By Colette Bouchez
With new research linking the synthetic estrogen   bisphenol A  (BPA) to increased sexual dysfunction and some forms of infertility in men, and previous studies suggesting a link to  birth defects in babies and infertility in women – many couples looking to get pregnant are also looking to reduce exposure.

But with  the use of  BPA so widespread  -  it's found in literally  thousands of consumer products – avoiding it can be a bit of a task. Indeed, from water and juices sold in plastic bottles, to  canned beverages,  most foods sold in plastic containers and most canned goods, ( the linings of the cans can contain BPA)  it's a chemical that is present more often than not.

The good news: Even cutting down on  exposures can help. And to this end there are some small but significant changes you can make that will not only benefit your fertility but your overall health.

What follows are 12 tips for reducing BPA exposure in your daily life.

1.Check The Bottom Of Bottled Drinks
– If you're buying water or juice in plastic bottles,  look for the clear “hard” plastic type with the “recycle” triangle symbol stamped with the number  1, 2, 4 or 5. on the bottom. This indicates the product is a less reactive form of plastic.   Steer clear of bottles with a number “3, 6 and 7” stamped in the triangle – they are considered more reactive forms of plastic and many contain BPA.  When you can, buy sodas and other drinks in either glass bottles or waxed paper cartons.

2.Replace Canned Fruits and Veggies with Fresh or Frozen – In one study conducted by the Environmental Working Group ( EWG) researchers tested 97 cans of food ranging from soda and tuna to fruits, veggies and more and found that 1 in every 10 cans contained enough BPA to exceed government safety levels for chemical contamination by some 200%.    By comparison, frozen fruits and veggies contain no BPA and may retain more of the nutrients that are good for your fertility in many other ways.

3.Make Your Own Chicken Soup – and Toss Out The Cans!  Doing so could  not only help foster your fertility, but also your good health.  Indeed, in the EWG studies of canned foods those containing the highest levels of BPA included canned chicken soup.  Other canned soups varied by brand and content.

4.Eat Tomato Products Out Of Glass Jars -
  This includes not only sauces and pesto, but also salsas and particularly ravioli or other pasta products. The reason?  The EWG study found that canned goods containing tomatoes also ranked high on the list of products containing significant amounts of BPA.  With so many sauces now available in glass jars this is an easy switch that could make a huge difference in your health and your fertility.

5.Switch Out Canned Beverages for Glass Bottles
-   Because  the levels found in beverage cans can vary dramatically depending on the lining,  if the manufacturer doesn't tell you their product is BPA -free, then switch to a glass bottled product – they are always BPA -Free.

6.Don't Store Food In Plastic Containers
– When possible, put your leftovers in glass bowls – and save glass jars,  wash them well and use them to store foods as well.  Just make sure to wash the lids by hand using a mild detergent – they can often contain BPA in the cap liners.
7.Switch Out That Plastic Travel Mug for A Stainless Steel Bottle -  It will keep beverages hot or cold and doesn't contain any BPA.

MORE BPA-FREE TIPS:  If you must use plastic containers take these extra precautions to reduce exposure.

·- Never Pour a Warm Beverage, Soup, Citrus or Tomato Product Into A Plastic Container. The heat and the acid can exacerbate the leaching of BPA from the container into your food.
·- Use only ceramic or glass to microwave foods. The microwaves will break down the BPA in plastic and cause it to leach into your food.
·- Wash all plastic containers by hand using a mild detergent. Harsh detergents and the ultra hot water in dishwashers can break down the plastic allowing  more BPA will leach into the foods placed in those containers.
·- Toss out any plastic containers that are cracked, “hazy”, sticky, or just look “old”.  As plastic products age they may release more BPA.
·- Look for plastic products containing recycling numbers 1, 2, 4 or 5 – they are less reactive forms of plastic and are less likely to cause chemical leaching.  Avoid products marked 3, 6 or 7.
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